Frequently Asked Questions

1What are the minimum hours I can rent the kitchen?

Clients must purchase a minimum of eight (8) hours.  

If you will only need the kitchen for a one-time event ($75 fee), the minimum hourly kitchen rental is four (4) hours at $25 per hour.

2How do I utilize the kitchen?

Clients reserve the kitchen in advance.  Our online calendar allows you to check kitchen availability and reserve your desired timeslots.

3Does the cost cover the use of all equipment and the space?

Yes.  You will need to reserve equipment and prep stations in advance.

4Do I need my own small wares?

The kitchen has all the BASIC small wares and cookware available for client use.

Clients will need to provide their own storage containers, saran wrap, kitchen towels, single use gloves, and trash liners.  Clients may also bring any unique items they need for their own specific use.

5Can I store my ingredients/products at the kitchen?

Yes.  There is no charge for utilizing the dry storage, cooler or freezer while working in the kitchen at your reserved time.  If you would like to store your products, ingredients or small wares on an on-going basis, there is a $40 charge per storage rack (dry, cooler, freezer) per month.

6Is there a minimum age for your kitchen?
No one under the age of thirteen (13) is allowed in the facility. Anyone seventeen (17) years of age or younger must be under the supervision of an adult at all times.
7May I bring my own equipment?

Yes, as long as your equipment is NSF or Commercial-rated and there is available space. We’ll definitely try to accommodate your temporary needs!

8Do I need to clean up after using the kitchen?
Yes. Clients are required to properly clean and sanitize what they use (including floors, sinks, work tables, stoves, etc.). Clean-up time must be completed during your rented hours.
9How do I get a Food Service Manager’s Certificate?
Complete a Food Service Manager's Certification course from an accredited institution. We can arrange to proctor your testing for $35 with advanced notice.
10Do I need permits to sell my product?

Yes. Our health permitted facility will allow you to legally sell your food product. You may also be required to have a food permit from the local jurisdiction in which you are selling your product. You will also need a Sales Tax and Use Permit. Our facility can become your health permitted facility and manufacturing location.